A short trip to Lavasa, Pune

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Super Windy Location
Lavasa is a city near Pune, Maharashtra which was artificially built by the government of Maharashtra. There may be nothing much to do in Lavasa, but it offers an incredible view of the city which gives the vibe of any European city in the lap of nature, amidst the hills and the floating clouds. The 4 hour long drive to Lavasa from Panvel is a scenic one during monsoon which greets you with lush green hills, zig-zag roads and the numerous waterfalls flowing down the hill.  There is a high possibility to halt at the many waterfall spots on the way towards Lavasa.

Road Trip
Countless waterfalls on the way to Lavasa
This city gives the utmost European city vibes with the colorful buildings and the lake. It was expected that people live in the city, but many just bought the houses and rented them to tourists. So now it has become more of a tourist spot than an actual city where people live. Many ongoing constructions are left halfway and buildings like the Conventional center are left empty. Most of the recreational activities which I had read about like the fountains on the lake, boat riding, rafting etc were closed because of rains and the rise in the water level of the lake.

View of Lavasa from the top.  You will come across this place while you are driving towards the city. Passing by without a halt is irresistible.
Colorful Buildings

Things to do here:
  • Trackless Toy Trains which provides a city tour
  • Cycling
  • Adventures- Boat ride on the lake, water rappelling, rafting, and shooting.
  • Nature Trail- It was too windy and raining a lot, so we opted out for this one and left an excuse to come back.
  • Temghar Dam - There's nothing much to do and see here, but if you are passing by or halting for a snack or breakfast you could just view the huge dam. 
Temghar Dam
Best time to Visit:                         
Traditionally, monsoon months (June – September) are considered the best time to visit Lavasa. That time of the year has greenery and chilly weather. But due to heavy rains and strong winds exploring the city gets difficult and most of the activities are closed to public. Also the scenery gets blurred away with fog and dark clouds which is not a good news to the photographers.
If exploring and photography is a priority for you, then we would suggest visiting Lavasa during winter months (October- November), when there is enough greenery.

The AirBnB we stayed in was not clean, because of the rains the place was moist, there was water leakage, and had insects as well although it had a great view from the balcony. Also, it was away from the waterfront where most of the restaurants are, so we would suggest staying in hotels near the waterfront itself like the famous 'Waterfront Shaw' or anything nearby as per your budget.

View from the balcony of our room
Here are some tips we would like to share after what we experienced:
  • It is better to stay in hotels like the Shaw waterfront or any nearby as it is very close to the restaurants, which makes it easier to have a walk by the waterfront and have your meals as well.
  • For lunch try to reach the promenade where there are most of the restaurants before 2-3 pm, because most of them shuts by then, even if it is open they won’t serve the desired food items.
  • The rains here are very heavy and windy. Believe me, extremely chilly and windy which will make you bend and shiver. So umbrellas here are useless and it is better to carry raincoats, so that you can walk freely in the wind.
  • Photography becomes a bit tricky in the rains if you don’t have a waterproof camera.

Colorful buildings overlooking the Dasve Lake

Empty International Conventional Center

As it was raining heavily with strong winds, we couldn’t explore much, so we think we might come back after monsoon when it’s still lush green. 

If you want to know our food experiences in Lavasa, check out  Where to eat in Lavasa?

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