Prabalmachi Camping: Fireflies Special

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A pitch black sky, thousands of stars in the sky playing hide and seek behind the floating clouds, mystic hills, and hundreds of fireflies glowing up the dark night, does that not sound dramatic? It was pretty much that.

Trekking or spending time close to nature and away from the chaotic city is one of the best therapy you can give to your body and mind. So here is another trek for ya!!

Prabalgad, which is also known as Muranjan, Pradhangad or Prabalmachi, is located in Panvel and comes under the Raigad District in the state of Maharashtra, India.
This area acts as a base camp for treks to Prabalgad & Kalavantin. It is a huge open flat land, call it a mini plateau maybe.
What to carry, how to reach, what to do, how much will it cost etc etc . Keep reading, we got it all sorted for you.

What you need to carry along?

1.       Water - Carry 2 liters minimum.
2.       Good Trekking Shoes: Will help you walk better and not slip. Try not to wear a sports shoe, they are worse. Get one with lots of grooves and grip.
3.       Wear something comfortable. It will be a long day.
4.       Carry extra clothes, you will have your tents after all to change if you need to.
5.       Carry a torch. Try not to use the torch from your phone, you will drain your battery.
6.       Snacks to have quick bite if you want.

How to reach there?

To reach here take a local train to Panvel station from the harbor line.  The taxi stand which is just besides the bus stand is a minute walk away from the station. You could bargain a deal with a local taxi to take you to the base of Prabalgad. Make sure to take the contact number of a few taxi drivers, as you might need to call them up whenever you wish to come back. Once you take a Taxi or an auto rickshaw it is a 20 min ride to the base.

The Base of the Prabhalmachi

Difficulty Level?

The Trek to the base camp is a simple one. It’s an Hour trek to the base camp and 2 hours if you are completely new to trekking and walking as well J. Make sure you carry drinking water with you and wear a good pair of hiking shoes. The trek is not dangerous at all, just a simple trek uphill as you breathe in the fresh air and stare at the mountains and the skies.

The Trek

Camping at Prabalmachi

There are many camping trek organizers that can be found online or maybe look for your friends who organize such camping treks. If you wish to go all by yourself be well prepared with the camping tents, the availability (as there are many camping groups that come too). So you would need to contact the locals and reserve your area.
If you are going through an organizer, be relaxed and just enroll. It might cost you anywhere between Rs 1000- Rs 1400, including 2 meals. Tents are mostly arranged by your trek organizer, the locals can also be helpful. If you wish to set up a campfire, just pay the locals for it(around Rs 100- Rs 300) and they will set up the firewood and light it up for your group. Once it is all set, enjoy the night sky, play campfire games, and then just rest or sleep in your tents.

The Camp


Where to eat?

The villages here have set up a small canteen, serving Vegetarian as well as Non- Vegetarian food. They also provide snacks, breakfast, and tea. They take up groups in batches of approx. 40 campers. You can purchase packaged drinking water here in case you have not got or have run out of water.

Canteen at the Camping site

Where to spot Fireflies?

Fireflies are lightning bug, and the right season to spot them is May-June. They produce light to attract their mate, they then lay eggs and die. Eggs then hatch next May. How cool is that?
Your camp organizer will surely know of a place where you will be able to see hundreds of fireflies. You might go for a night trail into the dense forest and into a clearing all surrounded by trees. Beautiful and mysterious at the same time, an experience one should have.

Watching fireflies in the night is truly a magical experience one should have, it definitely was one for me.

Have you visited this place already or would you wish to visit already?
Do you have any questions? Leave your comments and I shall answer them.

Thanks for reading!

Small Breaks in Between

View from the top




The Trek

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