Karnala Bird Sanctuary and Trek

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Karnala Fort

A trek to Karnala fort is a pleasant one-day trek. The trek begins with a mini bird sanctuary located at the base of the hill. It takes around 3 hrs. for beginners to reach the Fort located at the top of the hill, the journey is perfect and one can enjoy the nature. Monsoon is the best time to visit in order to witness greenary all around and the cool winds which are pretty comforting during the trek.

Quick facts:

                Location : 13km From Panvel Station.
                How to Reach : Rick from Panvel Railway Station.
                Trek Time: 3 Hrs. for Beginners / 1 Hr. for usual Trekkers
                Food/Washrooms : Food and washrooms are located at the base of the Fort.
                Best time : Monsoons Early morning - 8 -9 am Start Trek

A small bird sanctuary

                Karnala Bird sanctuary is said to have around 150 species of birds and some other winter migrant species, but we could spot just few birds like the Peacock, few Eagles, 2-3 types of Parrots and Rabbits. Check out the pictures that we clicked, also check the rules and regulations at the bottom.  

Karnala Bird Sanctuary Peacock

Trekking to the Fort:

                A regular trekker would take 1 hour to reach the top. There are 3-4 spots built along the way to rest or have lunch. The trek is completely safe even for families who can walk/hike for a few hours.  Although the fort is small, you will definitely get a sense of accomplishment once you reach the top. Follow the same route to head back to the base.

Karnala Fort Route
Karnala Fort Route

Bhavani Temple at the base of the Fort

Karnala Fort Route
Karnala Fort

Karnala Fort View

Karnala Fort
Karnala Bird Sanctuary Rabbit
Karnala Bird Sanctuary Eagle

Karnala Shy Crab

Karnala Bird Sanctuary Parrot

Karnala Bird Sanctuary Peahen

Karnala View Points
List of Birds
Dos and Donts

If you'll liked the review of this place, then go visit and remember not to litter and to take away your own waste. Thanks for reading!

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