Kharghar Waterfalls: Monsoon weekend getaway

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Waterfalls, we all want to see one during the monsoons and we are ready to travel to far off places to get to see one. Well no need to travel to all the far places because Kharghar has one such waterfall which you must visit.

Where and How?

Where?: Kharghar, Navi Mumbai

This pretty waterfall is located in the Kharghar Golf Course / Driving Range area. There is another beautiful waterfall called as the Pandavkada Waterfall in the same vicinity which was unfortunately closed when we arrived there. This post is not about the Pandavkada Waterfall but smaller one situated in the Kharghar Driving Range area.
For more information on Kharghar Driving Range or the Golf course area, check out our previous post on Kharghar, Driving range

How? : Private vehicle or Public transport

The place being in Navi Mumbai is easily accessible to those who live in Mumbai and obviously to the ones in Navi Mumbai. You can catch an auto-rickshaw from Kharghar station if you don't have a private vehicle.

Our Journey : An Enjoyable Mini Trip

We started our trip hoping to go to the Pandavkada waterfall which is very well known. However when we reached there, the entrance was closed to the public by the government authorities. It is mostly due to some environmental issues as the tourists and the locals who visit such beautiful places often pollute it with plastic bags, beer bottles and other trash.

We request everyone not to throw your garbage at such places and sustain the natural beauty for the others to visit as well.

Since it was closed, we decided to move to the Kharghar Driving range. We parked our bikes on the road at the driving range and walked inwards towards the mini river.

This place is definitely not deserted and you find many monsoon enthusiasts who come to relax and enjoy the rains. Many people who do not wish to hike further halt here and relax, and that is what we had done on our last visit.

We could see a tiny view of the waterfall from a distance which was roughly 45 mins away and we thought of checking it out, a decision which we will not regret. We kept walking towards the waterfall along a path which is used by the people here. The route is pretty easy with no hard climbs at all and when you reach the waterfalls you will feel it was surely worth the time and energy spent.

There is medium size water fall with a height of about a 3 floor building. The roaring sound of the gushing waterfall is absolutely amazing. Apart from that you can see the entire skyline of Kharghar from this place.

This place is surely worth visiting if you love nature, waterfalls, and hiking.

Note : There is an alternate route which is an adventurous hike. You will have to just follow the Stream from the base all the way up.

The Route to the WaterFalls

The Route : Waterfall from a distance

Alternate Route : Follow the River up stream

Perks of the Alternate Route
The Kharghar Falls

 View of Kharghar

The Base of the Waterfalls
Kharghar !!!

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