Mumbai Vibe, [Linking Road, Bandra]

3:34:00 AM

"Good Vibe, Mumbai Vibe"
We say that because this place gives good and happy vibes. The cute colorful decor just makes you happy and say 'Let's click some more pictures'.

By the end of the meal we girls had like so many pictures in our phone.

Swing chairs

Colorful chairs

The entrance has three tables with swing chairs. So cool, isn't it? however it was a bit conjugated and sunny. There is an outdoor seating which is super pretty with colorful hanging potted plants. Well, you don’t need to worry about it being hot or sunny for outside seating because there are 4-5 coolers with a shade on top . The seating area inside is a bit small and there is a bar counter on the first floor.


Colorful potted plants
I could just go on and on about the decor, so let me just say this place is EPIC in terms of decor.

A good variety is seen in the menu which includes Tea & Coffee, Mocktails or as they say ‘Faux cocktails’, Make your own sangria, Cocktails, Milkshakes, Soups & Salads, Nazzas, Burgers and Sandwiches, Main meals and Desserts. And also, Tacos and Chaats.

To add up to the good vibes here's what we ordered.

Nothing Much - It is a blend of orange and pineapple Juice with Ginger Ale and Cold-Brewed Tea. It has a sweet and tangy flavor.  I liked it, but the next one was Ahhh-mazing!

Nothing Much
Bandstand Love - Now this what I'm talking about!. It is made with Pineapple, Lime, Lime and a Jack of Strawberry. It was Berry Berry nice! Must try mocktail!

Bandstand Love
Chicken 65 Taco - The tacos weren't crispy at all but the chicken filling was soft, juicy, and delicious. It was served with spicy kachumber(salad) which just completed the dish.

Chicken 65 tacos
Chicken Kothey - It's a type of momo that is half fried and half steamed with chicken mince filling inside.

Chicken Kothey
Ghongura Chicken Nazza - It is a Naan Pizza with various toppings like chicken pieces, hot cheese, sauce and mint chutney. This nazza made us so full 'coz of the cheese in it, and so we had to stop hogging. :P

Ghongura Chicken Nazza
This is a zoomed in picture I took of an opposite table. Sshhh!. I was just amused to see the food served in a truck! 

Lastly, as seen from the pictures the quantity is way too less for the price(it's not 1000 Rs for 2) and even the taxes.

Plus points - EPIC decor, cool presentation, tasty food

Not a plus point- Less quantity, pricey

Mumbai Vibe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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