Poptates [Versova]

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Poptates : The  Unrestraurant

Poptates as a brand certainly does live up to its name. Its one of the good casual dining places we would love to go to. Good Ambiance , Good Service , Good food (Less in quantity), Liquor is not charged a premium.

Ambiance : (4/5)

The place serves liquor but poptates will never look like a bar. This place is a hangout for those who are into light and casual drinking and having a good time with their buds. The crowd here varies from youth to family. Also, good music is played here.

The Poptates in versova can be divided into three parts. (As per me )
1. The Lobby : It is an area outside the restaurant with approx 6 tables with no A/C.
2. The ground Floor : This is inside poptates and you can see the Bar here. The ambiance is good with dim lights.
3. The first Floor : This is the place where we sat. Its is same as the ground floor without the bar.

Food : (4/5)

There food here is definitely tasty, just that the quantity is too less. Our order took quit a lot time to arrive. We had to just get satisfied with these two dishes and leave.

Recommended : Chicken Garlic Chilly - Crispy chicken stirred in spicy garlic sauce and topped with onion and bell pepper.

Chicken Garlic Chilly


Service : (4/5)

The service was pretty good. They gave good attention to their customers but the order took hell lot of time to arrive.

Overall, we give it a 4/5.

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