TAP resto bar & street shopping [Linking road, Bandra]

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Good friends, good food, good times!
And that's what Saturday was all about, good food with my good friend and its was a good time to first treat yourself with good food and then with cheap good clothes.

We are talking about TAP resto bar which is located in Linking road, Bandra. It is known for it's global and changing cuisine. It had continental and Mexican, Chinese, Italian, and Indian cuisines up on the menu with a good variety in vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes.

As we entered, we first saw a live test cricket match being played on the screen and it's interiors depict their interest in sports and wall paintings. We settled for a place near the window, that gives a good view of the street with so many shopping stalls calling us. The music here is really good and the beats will make you feel like dancing. Also, there is an open seating area which would be cool in the evenings. So, this sounds like a classy place to get your gang in the evening and hit the dance floor.

TAP's mantra

So the ambiance is really good, but the service isn't that great. We had to wait for long with a hungry stomach for the order to arrive. And then it started, here's what we ordered.

Cheese corn balls - The quantity is less as per the price, but it tasted so cheesy and just melted once put in the mouth, and it just felt good and you won't even realize when it's over.

Hot chicken wings - Turns out we are a fan of wings, we end up ordering it everywhere. It had a decent quantity, marinated wings tossed in hot sauce. Loved this dish too!

Chicken classic lasagna - Flat pasta layered with chicken, spinach mushroom sauce and gratinated in oven. The quantity was pretty good and it filled our stomach as it was lot cheesy. The chicken mince was so delicious making it just a perfect meal.

Linking Road street shopping
Street shopping

Ambiance - 4/5
Service - 3/5
Food - 4/5

Overall, it is cool and classy place to dance with your gang along with good food and ambiance.

TAP Resto Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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