Gadeshwar Dam in Panvel, Navi Mumbai

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A beautiful dam located in Panvel is little known to most of us. It is not too far from Mumbai city. Since this dam is not that known it is peaceful with not so many tourists. This dam is a small one and not that fancy as the other ones I have seen. Good place to visit if you live in Navi-Mumbai and in seek of a short one day trip close to nature - Lake & Mountains.

Best time to come here is during monsoons. In summers it will be hot and sunny and the dam being small you will not get to see the downstream as well.

Panvel Lake clicked from the Dam

How to get there:

It is located in Panvel, Navi Mumbai. It is better to ride a private vehicle as local transportation to this place is not advisable since the dam is quite remote.
  1. By Car/Bike - Drive along the Eastern Express Highway all the way to Panvel and the drive is about 90 mins from Dadar. Click on the link for the location on google maps - Gadeshwar Panvel Dam . The route from Panvel to the dam is just perfect to drive. It is a road that curves into a nice green forest like area. It will be quite a ride.  
  2. By Bus- There are also buses available from Panvel station to the dam. Since the bus frequency is very poor, it is not what I would prefer.
I had an amazing bike ride to this place along with my friends in the rain.

The Entrance of the dam

Points of interest:

The Dam Itself:

The Dam might be around 2 km long stretching from one end to the other. We were lucky to find the Dam open. We started walking  on the dam, there were many with us as well who had come to see this place.As we reached the center we could hear the sounds of the water gushed out from the control gates onto the spillway. On the other side you can see view filled with a beautiful lake that stretched all the way into the mountains. We continued to walk on the dam till we reach a village. The locals use this dam as a bridge to go back and forth from their village to the main road.

Please note that the dam will not be open to public on all days. There is also no way to find out if the dam is open on a given date. It is a good place to visit if you are living near by.

The struggle: Traveling from far and finding out that the dam is closed for entry.

The Dam

The Lake:

We spent most of our time lazing around in this area. This entire coast will be covered by trees and you can relax and enjoy the view of the calm lake and mountains that surround it. One of my friend had got a guitar so we spent hours singing songs and clicking pictures.

Panvel lake


The river downstream is shallow and a nice place for those who are adventurous to take a dip. Monsoons are the best time to witness the downstream. Take care not be pulled down the stream by the force of the river, it is not dangerous though. We had a really fun time here!



1. Carry Food and water: You will not find any restaurants here. The nearest place will be Panvel which is a half an hour drive.
2. Same goes for first aid.
3. Those who are not used to driving outside the city, leave before sunset as there are few street lights till Panvel city.

Down Stream 

 Dam From a distance

 Entrance of the dam

 Walking on the dam

 Dam during the summer

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