Silver Coin [Borivali]

2:10:00 AM

When your US best friend comes to India is the best time when you can treat yourself with yum food. And this is another best restaurant we discovered in Borivlali, IC colony after Crossroad 92

The place is very spacious with not many tables occupied and had many waiters, so serving and taking orders were like quick. Service was good and welcoming!!

Silver Coin

I generally don't order cocktails, but when a friend comes after  along time that too from the states, we just felt like having it.

Long Island Tea- It's a mix of tequila, vodka, light rum, gin, coke, and ice with lemon and mint leaves garnished. 

Long Island Tea
Palm Beach - It's a mix of light rum, gin, lemon, pineapple fruit juice with cherry on it. Just loved this one. Not that sweet, it was just perfect.
Palm Beach

Sangria - It is basically red wine with chopped fruit. The quantity was less compared to other drinks, but the taste is really great. Loved it!
I didn't expected a vegetarian dish to taste so super yum. These veg schezwan fingers were super delicious, Yummm!! Well, it's not just four fingers, there were more four fingers which my friends were busy hogging.
Veg Finger Schezwan
Emerald Chicken - The dish is green by it's name, Emerald. When we saw it, we didn't expect it to taste good, but it was super yum! It was like chicken lollipop covered with some green masala.
Emerald Chicken
Mixed Rice - Fried rice with lamb, shrimps, and chicken. It was super dry with lot of meat, we  felt the need of some gravy, but then we used the sauce that was there. And , that's it.! we were done with it.
Mixed Rice

Just in the end they missed the mouth freshener which I always like at the end of a meal.

Anyway, it was a really nice place with yummy food and affordable too, but without the drinks!! I would give it 4 star rating.
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