Weekend hangout - Kharghar, Navi Mumbai

2:54:00 AM

Weekend is near, and thinking where to go?  Well, this post maybe useful then.

There are many quite and pollution free places away from Mumbai in New Bombay which is now called as Navi Mumbai. I had been to Kharghar driving range during monsoons and it was pretty green everywhere. It has got it's name because of the driving lessons given in the area. It is also knows as Kharghar golf course because of the vast golf area. Monsoon is the best time to be here and relax by the nature because there's greenery, water falls, and water creeks.

I had been to a friend's place and from there we drove to Kharghar driving range climbed up to a place where we found some water flowing,  so we sat there talking, having fun, and clicking a lot of pictures. We reached there a bit late so couldn't hike all the way up, but if you have the time, do hike and enjoy the view on top. We were hungry while leaving, so we just stopped by the eatery stalls just outside this area, and then we went back home.

Have a happy weekend. Enjoy! :)

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